Welcome to the Equus Ferus Blog!

Whether you’re a pronoun pro or just dipping your toes into the waters of gender liberation, we hope you find your way to our little corner of the internet. Because at Equus Ferus, your individuality is our biggest inspiration. We’re... Read More

Representing and Defying Masculinity

An enduring element of fashion as we understand it to be today is its ability to challenge our preconceived expectations of gender norms, femininity, and masculinity. In recent years, as gender expression has been at the forefront of the fashion... Read More

Genderless Fashion

The Evolution of Gender Fluid Fashion We are living in the era of gender-fluid fashion. In the past decade, the fashion industry has made strides toward creating clothes that don’t ascribe to gender roles or assumed gender identity. And even... Read More

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Here at Equus Ferus, sustainability is a top priority. We believe we can make strides toward reducing our carbon footprint without compromising on comfort, quality, and style. That’s why our underwear is crafted from eco-friendly Tencel™ lyocell jersey fabric. Tencel™... Read More

On Expression

Our ideas of “expression” and “identity” are entangled. They are often interpreted as the same concept when in fact, they are mutually exclusive. To put it simply, “identity” is our sense of self and “expression” is how we choose to... Read More

Gender as a Spectrum

Gender identity is imposed on us the moment we are born. As we develop, some of us feel the identity we were assigned at birth feels “right,” but for some of us it doesn’t. For those it doesn’t feel “right”... Read More