Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Here at Equus Ferus, sustainability is a top priority. We believe we can make strides toward reducing our carbon footprint without compromising on comfort, quality, and style. That’s why our underwear is crafted from eco-friendly Tencel™ lyocell jersey fabric.

Tencel™ lyocell has emerged as an environmentally friendly alternative to cotton and in recent years, and has taken the textile industry by storm. But how is it made and what makes its production process stand out from cotton?

Tencel™’s cellulose fibers are derived from pulp mixed with wood chips in an innovative closed loop production process. In the closed loop system, water and energy are saved and organic solvent chemicals are recycled. From the wood pulp, lyocell fibers are extracted through small holes and spun into yarn, and from the yarn, Tencel™ lyocell is born.  Simple and sustainable.

Clothing made from Tencel™ lyocell is not only soft, breathable, and comfortable, it’s also a certified biodegradable and compostable fabric. The fibers in the eco-friendly fabric can entirely return to the earth.

So, when you choose Tencel™ lyocell underwear from Equus Ferus, you can feel confident you are taking part in contributing to a better future for our planet in high quality pieces crafted in the United States.