About Us

Equus Ferus is taking a pause. For inquiries email: Lesliegivnerforbes@gmail.com

Fashion doesn’t define us. It lends us the tools to define — and design — ourselves.

As long as we can find the right clothes. But we’re limited by what’s available, and when we’re non-binary, trans, and/or gender nonconforming, finding the perfect fit is a lot more complicated than shopping the opposite end of the store. Especially when it comes to underwear. Genderfluid clothing options like boy shorts and woman’s boxers show progress, but still use binary thinking.

beyond the binary

Equus Ferus clothing is designed for humans all across the gender spectrum. Not just gender-inclusive, but gender-expansive. While the gender binary forces artificial limits, truly genderfluid clothing has the power to inform our identities in ways we never thought possible.

It’s more than self-expression — it’s self-realization. 

Our genderfluid underwear is for everybody; created with non-binary and gender nonconforming bodies in mind. We use only high-quality sustainable fabrics, like TENCEL™, and ensure each garment is crafted with ethical manufacturing practices. Instead of the flashy prints ubiquitous in queer clothes, we opted for a muted color palette. Every pair of Equus Ferus undies is sleek, simple, amazingly comfortable — and uncompromisingly sexy.

Best of all: they fit. 

what’s in the name?

Equus Ferus — literally, “wild horse” — is the Latin name for zebra. Zebras reject domestication, living freely as individuals with uniquely different stripes.

At Equus Ferus, we believe veracity is power. Just like our namesakes, we don’t turn from our wildest, most unconventional places. We embrace them — and set them free.

Whatever your nature, we’ve got you (un)covered. No taming necessary.