Meet The Community

Dancer, Performance Artist, Choreographer

Jas Lin @allthatjasss


“I think that my journey into coming into queerness as well as coming into my own artistic practice was super parallel because queerness opened me up to the idea that there’s no right or wrong way of being in the world and that kind of translated into movement for me and remembering sort of the native tongue for my body.”

Jas Lin for Equus Ferus by Tee Vaden


Finn Wiley @litteredheaven


“Seeing myself or experiencing myself move from this brooding boy to wider range of emotion artist, honestly, was my physical transition. I think that seeing bits of my physical self matching how I felt inside, at least making more sense to me, made my art open up in the same way.”

Finn Wiley for Equus Ferus by Tee Vaden

Actor Model

Joshua Alejo @joshualejo


“Something I wish to see more of in Hollywood and more of in the industry are authentic gay stories and authentic queer stories. I feel like a lot of the stories I do see are that being gay is the biggest thing in that person’s life; the biggest struggle, and that’s the whole point of the movie. Yes, that’s good and that’s important, but there’s also so many gay people and that, that’s just a part of them.”

Joshua Alejo for Equus Ferus by Tee Vaden

Music Producer

Troi Irons @troimusic


“I just leaned really hard into who I really was instead of who people around me wanted me to be. The artist that I am today, he’s creating for himself and living for himself and I’m really proud of that.”

Troi Irons for Equus Ferus by Tee Vaden

Performance Artist, Lyricist, Singer-Songwriter

Blimes Brixton @blimesbrixton


“I hope to make an impact not by saying, ‘Hey, I’m a queer artist,’ but by saying, ‘I’m an artist who happens to be queer’. I think that representation is vital. These are our stories that we are telling and if you get to see them from our perspective then hopefully we have a chance at normalizing them.”

Blimes Brixton for Equus Ferus by Spencer Rollins

Creator/Director of Ponysweat

Emilia Richeson-Valiente @ponysweat @emilia_the_richest1


“The more permission we give ourselves to be ourselves the more permission that gives everybody.”

Emilia Richeson-Valiente for Equus Ferus by Spencer Rollins

Skater, Creator of Boos Cruise

Julian Chavez @skatedadjulian


“For me queerness and fashion really go hand in hand because me being non-binary, just living this very fluid space, I’m me and I get to dress however the fuck I want.”

Julian Chavez for Equus Ferus by Spencer Rollins