Harm Reduction

Embrace your nature 

Slip into something more sustainable. True style endures. So should clothing. At Equus Ferus, minimizing our environmental impact is a top priority. Our underwear is made in Los Angeles with two revolutionary fabrics: TENCEL™ lyocell jersey fabric, and recycled polyester, or rPET.

These trees hug back

TENCEL™ lyocell jersey fabric begins with sustainably sourced wood, which is transformed into durable cellulosic fibers through uniquely eco-responsible methods. The result is long-lasting, breathable, and luxuriously soft. It’s also biodegradable. Because what comes from the earth should return to it, too.

Plastic turned fantastic

Unlike conventional polyester, which is derived from new petroleum, rPet (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) is made from post-consumer plastic waste. Like water bottles. In fact, every meter of rPet fabric keeps seven plastic bottles from our landfills. Best of all, rPet is designed to be recycled again and again without any loss in quality. It’s the fabric of the future—by helping ensure we have one.